Sadly, Two Elderly Relatives

Sadly, two elderly relatives from the same family passed away during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Everything about arranging a funeral was more challenging during this period – but having a Dignity Funeral plan in place proved invaluable in both cases. There was no delay whilst a Funeral Director was found and appointed as there often is when somebody dies; and as a result the wheels were set in motion very quickly and easily. The Funeral Director was efficient and helpful at all stages, and it took a lot of stress away from the family at what was obviously a very difficult time for them. They even told us how they received a refund from the Funeral Director as the plans had covered the provision of limos to follow the hearse. In accordance with government guidelines this wasn’t allowed to happen and therefore a refund was offered for this part of the plan.

So good to know that Funeral Plans we arranged helped this family so much.

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