Ruth is a single lady in her 70s. She has a 38 year old son called James. Ruth is quite unwell and she got in touch with us as she was worried about her health deteriorating further which could mean she would have problems getting to the bank, paying her bills etc. She is also worried about James having no authority to talk to Doctors and other health care professionals on her behalf if she was too ill to do so. We helped Ruth to make both types of Lasting Power of Attorney which can be used very flexibly in the future. She can allow the Finance & Property Power of Attorney to be used as much as she wants to, but she won’t lose control of her accounts etc – James can just help where she needs him to. With the Health & Welfare Power of Attorney, it is reassuring to know that if the worst was to happen and Ruth were too ill to speak to Doctors, James will know what she would have wanted (or not wanted) and he can liaise with medical professionals as much as he needs to.

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