Mrs R from Letchworth

Mrs R from Letchworth was referred to us in March 2021 as her husband passed away late in 2020. She had managed to deal with his affairs herself; he had left a Will appointing her as executor and leaving everything to her – or that is what she understood until she decided to update her own Will. The Will Writer she saw established that there was a Trust in her existing Will, and she suspected that mirrored what was in Mr R’s Will. When the Will Writer checked, that was indeed the case – Mr R had left his share of their home in Trust for their children so that it was protected from third parties, and in order to allow that to happen, Probate was needed on the estate and then Land Registry records needed updating regarding the Trust.

We quickly gathered all the information that was needed in order to apply for Probate and arranged for that to be obtained. We tried to make the process as easy as possible for Mrs R. It wasn’t necessary to take over dealing with the whole estate as Mrs R had already closed all bank accounts and notified all the companies Mr R had dealings with. Mrs R was surprised that she could obtain professional assistance solely for applying for Probate in her name, and commented on how much easier it felt to hand over that part of the process to obtain the help she needed for a very reasonable fee. Once Probate is obtained we will arrange for Land Registry records to be updated as well, and then Mrs R can be satisfied that she will have followed Mr R’s wishes completely.

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