Pre paid funeral

Are Pre-paid Funeral Plans a good idea?

At A R K we are increasingly finding that clients of all ages are buying our plans. Our oldest client is 103 and we have many younger clients in their 40s and 50s. Plans vary in price depending on what they include, but the average price of a plan is around £3,500. Based on the funeral costs we are seeing locally, that amount seems competitive even at today’s rates.

The plan will cover everything you’ve paid for – whether you only live a few months after you purchase the plan, or hopefully for another 50 years! It could save your family many thousands of pounds as funeral costs are rising rapidly. In previous decades costs have practically doubled every ten years. Work out what a £4,000 funeral today (that’s the average cost) might be in 30 years. A very scary sounding figure!

A Funeral Plan will give you peace of mind that your loved ones will know your wishes, and they won’t have to find monies to pay for your funeral as this will all have been taken care of. One simple phone call is all that would be needed to set the wheels in motion.

We were very pleased to see that Dignity Funeral Plans have introduced a ‘Price Promise’ recently. This amazing concept means that if you are paying for a plan by instalments (periods up to 25 years are available), and you pass away any time after paying 12 instalments, you will still receive the funeral you wanted. Your family will not be asked to pay remaining instalments.

It makes a Funeral Plan a bit of a no-brainer if you are 50+. You know at the outset the maximum amount you will pay, and even if you are unlucky enough to pass away before you make the final payment, you’ll know that everything will have been covered for a very reasonable sum.

Please contact us for more information or view our Funeral Plans information.

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