Karen Greenall

With more than 7 years’ experience in the Will industry, Karen founded A.R.K in 2016 to help protect families when they are faced with the worst possible situations. Her Society of Trust and Estate Practitioner’s qualification means she is fully qualified to take Will instructions and draft Will and Lasting Power of Attorney documents. Karen also has vast experience of administering estates after death – and is completely familiar with the Probate process. This proves valuable for clients when it comes to advising on what they might want in their Wills, and enables her to offer free initial advice when a client has lost a loved one. It also means that Karen is able to start the process of dealing with an estate, before handing everything to a trusted local solicitor to finalise matters such as applying for Probate/selling property etc. Before working in the world of Wills, Karen had a long career working for H M Revenue & Customs. Karen has two grown up sons (the A and the R of A.R.K.) and is a member of a local rock and pop choir – she loves singing and performing with her choir buddies!

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