New Year – New You?!?

Isn’t that a phrase you hear a lot at this time of year!

Many people’s first reaction when they hear it is guilt. Oh dear, I must make an effort to…lose weight, get fitter, spend less time on social media etc etc.

Is there always a little guilty feeling at the back of your mind about being better organised and having your affairs in order? If something was to happen to you, would your family know enough about your affairs to deal with matters that need to be sorted out? We all have so many things to think about these days – utilities / insurance / mortgage / mobile phone contracts / broadband / TV subscriptions etc etc and that’s without even mentioning bank accounts, loans and credit cards.

Do you love a list? Some people definitely do; but even those people maybe haven’t made a list that would help family members if they were in a situation where they couldn’t ask you about all the companies you have accounts with.

If you’d like a document you can print and use for that purpose, please go to and you’ll find our ‘Useful information about me’ sheet listed. Maybe print it off and start filling it in so that your family would at least have a starting point…

That could of course just be the start of getting your affairs in order; what about your Will – have you got one, do you know where it is? Do your executors know where it is? Is it up to date?

Have you made your Lasting Powers of Attorney yet? We should all make these while we are completely well – just in case they are needed in the future. If you’re not sure what the documents are all about you should look into it so you understand how useful they could be (to you and your family)! You can make one document to cover finance and property issues, and one to cover health related matters, but don’t leave it until it is too late as it would cause major problems for family members if you hadn’t appointed them to help you while you were well enough to do so.

You will find information about these particularly important issues on our website.

If you need our help with anything please do get in touch – email or call 01438 746977.

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