Living Wills

A Living Will (sometimes known as an Advance Decision or Advance Directive) ensures that others, including doctors, know your wishes about your health and care. A Living Will would only become relevant at a time when you could not make, or communicate, decisions for yourself. It allows you to document all your wishes regarding your health and welfare and it
gives you the right to refuse treatment – even if this could lead to your death.

A Living Will is a legally binding document, meaning that those caring for you MUST follow your instructions. The document can be as detailed as you wish, and as well as covering life sustaining treatment, it can also include information regarding any medical treatment that you DO NOT want, where you would prefer to live, and any relevant information on diet and

A Living Will does not allow you to nominate someone else to make decisions on your behalf. At A R K we recommend that you make a Health & Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) at the same time as you make your Living Will.

A Living Will, in conjunction with a Health & Welfare LPA and possibly also a ‘Do not resuscitate’ order which you make via your GP, will give you complete peace of mind that your wishes would be adhered to, should you become incapacitated.

At A R K we are happy to take your instructions and prepare your Living Will for you.
Currently due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place, this will be by telephone or video call only. We will then prepare and send you a draft copy to approve, before preparing the final document which we will post out to you. You will then need to sign it and get it witnessed by two people in accordance with the usual Will signing guidelines.

We advise you to discuss your wishes with your family where possible, and if you are making a Health & Welfare LPA or already have one in place, you should also advise your attorneys that you have made a Living Will.

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