Probate Fee increase update

The good news is that the government’s plans to increase Probate fees drastically were dropped last year. However, there are likely to be increases in the not too distant future. Currently the cost of obtaining Grant of Probate has a flat rate fee of either £155 if a solicitor or specialist submits the application, or £215 if a non-professional submits it. The fees are the same for all estates, however much they are worth. The planned increase would have meant fees being charged on a sliding scale depending on the value of the estate – with a massive £20,000 being due on the largest estates!

The professional application fee does not cover fees a professional company will charge for their assistance. Dealing with Probate and the associated court application can be very intimidating, stressful and time consuming – couple this with coping with the grief of losing a loved one and it can all feel like too much to bear. We can assist you with Probate, by providing as little or as much help as you need. We can take over the whole process, and work with our partner solicitors, or we can help you by completing the complicated court paperwork to apply for the actual Grant of Probate. We will give you as much free advice as you need at this difficult time – even if advice is all you need, and we’ll agree a fixed fee if you do decide you want us to help further. You will have no nasty surprise bill at the end of the process. Remember simple estates do not always need Grant of Probate. If you are unsure whether Probate is necessary or if you need further advice, then please do contact us at A R K.

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