Pre-paid Funeral Plans

A Pre-paid Funeral plan will protect you against ever rising funeral costs. It will also give you
peace of mind – knowing that your family will be aware of your wishes, and that they will
have no worries about finding the money to pay for your funeral when the time comes.
A.R.K. offers a very different service from the norm when it comes to advising regarding
Pre-paid Funeral plans. You get to meet with one of our mature advisors, face to face, in
the comfort of your own home. We explain the options clearly and answer any questions
you have – but there is absolutely no pressure to buy!

Why is this different to the service offered by other companies?

  • Our service is generally face to face, and there is no additional cost for us to come
    to you at a convenient time (appointments are available during the day or on the
    evening if that is easier for you). There is no need for you to traipse to an unfamiliar
    office, and sit in an unwelcoming environment to discuss this extremely sensitive
  • The option to arrange everything by phone is there, but it isn’t the first thing we
    suggest. You might prefer to speak to one of our advisors on the phone, and that is
    fine, but it won’t be the service that we offer automatically as many other companies
  • We are completely happy to walk away from your appointment and leave you to
    decide whether you would like to go ahead and purchase a plan with us. We are
    certainly not going to outstay our welcome or apply any pressure. We expect to be
    with you an hour or less (having said that, if you need us to stay longer to answer
    your questions we will be happy to do that).
  • If you do decide that you would like to purchase one of our plans, our advisor will
    support you through the process – there will be no handing your application over to
    a faceless, remote head office without any further involvement from the advisor –
    we will make sure you are kept informed and reassured regarding progress while
    your application is being processed.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with a Pre-paid Funeral plan: