Our Prices

Pink piggy bank surrounded by stacks of gold coins.Wills:

Single Will:                                          £145

Mirror (Couples’) Wills:                   £265

Advance Directive/Living Will:     £65
(for existing Will clients)

Advance Directive/Living Will:     £90
(where Will has not been prepared by A.R.K.)

These fees cover:

  • Appointing executors (and reserve executors)
  • Appointing separate trustees (where required)
  • Funeral wishes (where required)
  • Appointing guardians (where required)
  • Making specific gifts
  • Gifting residuary estate with reserve beneficiaries
  • Deliberate exclusions

Basically everything you might need except Trusts and business related clauses which are charged as follows:

Protective Property Trusts:           £250 (including severance of tenancy if needed)

Disabled or Vulnerable Trust:      £150

Business bequest:                            £60 per business

Will amendments – If your Will was originally drafted by A.R.K. you will be charged as follows for each amendment occasion (unless you are adding a Trust in which case you will pay the Trust fee as above):

Single Will = £70                                Mirror Wills = £110

If your Will was not originally drafted by A.R.K. the standard fees of £145 for a single Will and £265 for Mirror Wills apply as your Will/s have to be re-created before amendments can be made.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs):

There are 2 types of LPA: Property/Financial Affairs and Health/Welfare

1st LPA for any individual = £225 (including preparation of registration form if required)*

2nd LPA for any individual = £150 ((including preparation of registration form if required)*

*The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) charge £82 to register each LPA.  This fee may be reduced by 50% or to nil depending on level of income/benefits being received (A.R.K. will assist with the forms/evidence needed for fee remission or exemption if appropriate). Any OPG fees due are payable direct to the OPG in addition to the fees payable to A.R.K.

It is important to note that it is not essential to register an LPA for use as soon as it is made. It can be stored safely until there is any indication that it may need to be used and then it can be registered with the OPG at that time. It usually takes around 8 weeks for the OPG to register an LPA.

If you choose to register your LPA/s as soon as it/they are completed you will not pay any additional fee to A.R.K. in order for the registration process to be completed. If you are registering your LPA/s at a later date a small administration fee will be due. The fee will be £40 for each LPA that was prepared by A.R.K. and £60 for each LPA which was not initially prepared by A.R.K.

Safe storage of your documents:

A.R.K. can arrange for your documents to be stored safely. Please click here to find out more.