Pre-Paid Funeral Plans – Simple Yet Brilliant!

Why bother with A pre-paid funeral plan?

Most of us know that funeral plans make life easier for our loved ones. But why should you think about paying for your funeral in advance? Paying for your funeral now saves you money!

The average cost of funerals has almost doubled over the last 12 years. Typically, you could expect to pay £3,900 for your funeral in 2016. In 2004 the average cost was only £2,000. In 30 years’ time, the forecast cost could exceed £30,000!

I recently attended a Safehands Funeral Plan course. They explained that the average price of a funeral has doubled every decade for at least the last 50 years. The statistics prove this point. I am 50 and I am hoping to live for many more years! If I live until I’m 80 years old, my funeral could cost over £30,000!! Inflationary rises alone won’t help my savings to meet this increased fee… the price of funerals is rising far more rapidly than the rate of inflation. Fact.

How do pre-paid funeral plans work?

Buying a pre-paid funeral plan at today’s prices means that your family won’t have to pay for your funeral when the times comes. You can pay using a lump sum or monthly instalments.

As the cost of funerals rises, you’ll have peace of mind that your plan is in place and fully paid for. Your family will avoid the costly expense of your funeral… and will therefore inherit more from you. What a simple but brilliant idea!

Is the money you pay for your funeral plan protected?

Yes – absolutely. Your money is invested in a managed, fully regulated Trust fund, which is ring-fenced for people who have bought funeral plans. It doesn’t belong to Safehands, it belongs to you so your funeral would always be paid for.

Will my funeral plan pay for disbursements?

Disbursements are payments made to third parties for things like:

  • crematorium fees
  • minister’s fees
  • doctor’s fees for certifying the death

Most plans include an allowance towards them that should easily cover the cost of most, if not all, third party costs. (You may prefer to choose a plan where disbursements are not included.)

So…now I know why it is a really good idea to have a pre-paid funeral plan I will happily recommend them to my clients in Stevenage and surrounding areas who are making Wills or Lasting Powers of Attorney with me.

With plans ranging from £2,275 to £3,900 I am confident there will be a plan to suit all budgets and requirements. (Payment by monthly instalments is available.)

Another benefit of arranging a plan with A R K is that you get personal, face-to-face advice – so no call centres to deal with or horrible forms to complete yourself.

Would you like to find out more? Contact me and I’ll answer any queries you have without obligation.

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